European leader in the manufacturing of high tech, high efficiency, quality, design and low consumption

CLIMASTAR means Energy Saving.

With Climastar technology, our inertia radiators reach the room temperature quicker and maintain the heat for longer than other radiators.
Our heating solutions minimize heat stratification avoiding overheat and reduce the final energy consumption.

CLIMASTAR is leader in quality

CLIMASTAR has a complete control over the processes occurring in all areas of the company, which is certified by the official ISO 9001 standard.
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Management System, which certifies the implementation and maintenance of the system through continuous improvement in all areas of the company, with the aim of achieving greater customer satisfaction.
Precise control of each production stage: design, suppliers and materials' evaluation, monitoring in the manufacturing and final assembly process together with a final product testing before packaging, ensures product trazability and improves quality.
We guarantee our customers that every appliance leaving the factory is in perfect conditions.


Smart control systems and user friendly interfaces.

WIFI technology.

CLIMASTAR includes in their ranges the most accurate temperature control in the industry. providing the best thermal stability and avoiding heat fluctuations. Our ranges have a precision of ±0,05 C.

User friendly digital controls.

CLIMASTAR solutions control keyboards are intuitive and very easy to use. All our solution can be easily handled acting directly on to them.
Optional central controllers can also ease the management of the house comfort.

Weekly and daily programming.

You can easily set up the temperature and the working performance in every single room at your home.
Daily and weekly programming can be done directly on the device and also via optional central control managers.

Heating Cruise Control System (HCC)

CLIMASTAR incorporates HCC energy control system in their devices to use a minimum power consumption and maintain a constant temperature avoiding peaks and droughs of power usage and heat output.

Low consumption radiator with the best Qualification Coefficient (C.A.) in Europe
Qualification Coefficient Graphic


This distinguishes us as the most efficient electric heating in warming up, temperature maintenance and room heat distribution.

Climastar Avant Touch, First in quality.

RAPPORT D'ESSAI nº 125126-641771 y 125125-651764

Performance tests made in LCIE laboratories ( Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques. Bureau Veritas)

International Standards

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