DUAL-KHERR: Patented silicon heat accumulation panel

DUAL-KHERR, Patented System.

DUAL-KHERR is the core of CLIMASTAR technology to improve efficiency and reduce consumption.
It is the patented material you can see in the radiation front panels of most of our products. It is made of silicon and aluminium. Silicon is extremelly good at storing heat, while aluminium is one of the best heat conductors.

DUAL-KHERR improves heat transference.

With DUAL-KHERR we guarantee the best heat transfer to the room and for longer, reducing the temperature stratification in the room and consequently the heating consumption.


Dual-Kherr means improved efficiency and reduced consumption.

Quick room temperature increase.

With DUAL-KHERR technology, our inertia radiators reach the room temperature quicker and maintaing the heat for longer than other inertia radiators.

No reduction of air humidity.

In standard working conditions, once the set temperature is achieved. Air flow temperature reduces to 30 °C and does not dehumidify the air in the room.

Temperature is maintained for longer.

DUAL-KHERR allows a very slow room temperature decrease due to its heat accumulation capacity.

Convection decreases and radiation increases.

DUAL-KHERR reduces the convection air flow and increases radiation for a better comfort.

Low consumption radiator with the best Qualification Coefficient (C.A.) in Europe
Qualification Coefficient Graphic


This distinguishes us as the most efficient electric heating in warming up, temperature maintenance and room heat distribution.

Climastar Avant Touch, First in quality.

RAPPORT D'ESSAI nº 125126-641771 y 125125-651764

Performance tests made in LCIE laboratories ( Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques. Bureau Veritas)

International Standards

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