Silicium Touch Bathroom

Silicium Touch Bathroom
Silicium Touch Bathroom Square 500 W White Cashmere
Silicium Touch Bathroom Vertical 1300 W White Slate

Definitive heating efficiency in your bathroom.

Perfect central heating system with individualized room temperature management.

Unique system that combines convection, radiation and heat accumulation to effectively reduce consumption.

You can easily set up the temperature and the working performance in every single room in your home. Daily and weekly programming can be done directly on the device.

  • Fully programmable 24h / 7d.
  • User friendly control keyboard.
  • Touch screen on keyboard.
  • Heating Cruise Control System (HCC).
  • External and internal DUAL-KHERR heat accumulation panels.
  • Three working modes, comfort, eco and frost protection.
  • Electronic control manager based on TRIAC interfaces and PID technology.
  • Choice of stainless steel towel bars, straight or curved design.
Thermal Inertia
Control Silicium Touch Bathroom Climastar

  • Keyboard screen with high visibility, intuitive and clear information.
  • It includes one preset program.
  • If mains disconnection, programs are not lost.
  • Keyboard can be locked for safety.
  • Temperature range from 5ºC to 28ºC.
Medidas Silicium Touch Bathroom Square

500 W11,5 kg
800 W
Medidas Silicium Touch Bathroom Vertical

800 W23 kg
1300 W
White Cashmere
White Cashmere finish
White Slate
White Slate finish
Black Slate
Black Slate finish
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  • High Resolution General Catalogue (200 Mb)
  • Product data sheet
  • User manual
  • More assembly instructions

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