Silicium Star Wifi Bathroom

Utmost technology in heating management

Total control at your fingertips.
It allows you to know the temperatures, consumption and running costs accumulated in real time from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Weekly and daily programming can be done directly on the device control and also using your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Intelligent system: Your radiators adapt to your life Standards. They will adapt therir performance to achieve the set temperature at the desired time.

  • High accurate electronic thermostat.
  • Fully programmable 24h / 7d.
  • Electronic control manager based on TRIAC interfaces and PID technology.
  • Three working modes, comfort, eco and frost protection.
  • Open window detector.
  • Powder coated steel housing.
  • External DUAL-KHERR heat accumulation panel.
Thermal Inertia
Control Silicium Star Wifi Bathroom Climastar

  • User friendly keyboard, it allows an easy 24h / 7d programming directly on the radiator or also with your smart phone.
  • If mains disconnection, programs are not lost.
  • Keyboard can be locked for safety.
  • Hour by hour programme with copy-day function.
  • Temperature range from 5ºC to 30ºC.
  • HCC control system based on PID technology and TRIAC interfaces.
Medidas Silicium Star Wifi Bathroom Square

500 W11 kg
800 W
1000 W
Medidas Silicium Star Wifi Bathroom Vertical

800 W22 kg
1000 W
White Limestone
White Limestone finish
Terra Limestone
Terra Limestone finish
White Quartz
White Quartz finish
Light Natura
Light Natura finish
Dark Natura
Dark Natura finish
  • General Catalogue
  • High Resolution General Catalogue (200 Mb)
  • Product data sheet
  • User manual
  • More assembly instructions
  • More assembly instructions
  • Display control description

  • How to select the working modes

  • How to select the manual mode

  • How to select the FP mode only France

  • How to select the auto mode

  • How to set the date and time

  • How to set the daily programming

  • How to use the copy function

  • How to enable and disable de key block function

  • How to enable and disable the window function

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