Titan Ecotherm

Minimun space, maximun performance and savings

Compact water heater easy to fit in any space.
2 years total warranty. 3 years warranty for the enameled boiler.

It includes thermostatic valve as standard.

XL Magnesium anode to increase the working life.

Maximum insulation to reduce stand by consumption.

Ecotherm ONE
Recommended for standard showers and families up to 4 people.
Performance: Up to 100 litres*
Capacity: 30 litres.

Ecotherm DUO
Two Ecotherm ONE installed in series. Recommended for big dwellings, bath tubs and showers up to 10 people.
Performance: Up to 250 litres*
Capacity: 60 litres

* Under the following conditions: Inlet water temperature 18 °C, water temperature inside the water heater 75 °C, outlet mixed water at 36 °C, Distance from water heater to water tap 3 m, water flow 6 litres/m, discharging time 16,8 min., Real performance Ecotherm ONE: 99,8 litres.

  • High efficiency and low consumption.
  • Easy access to the interior.
Thermal Inertia
Control Titan Ecotherm Climastar

  • Access to the interior for maintenance purposes is on the front side.
  • Manual knob for temperature selection.
  • Internal high density polyuretane insulation foam to reduce consumption.
  • Heating elements are placed close to the water inlet to speed up warming up.
Medidas Titan Ecotherm Ecotherm

PowerWeight, empty
3 kW12,8 kg
RAL 9003
RAL 9003 finish
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