Silicium H2O Horizontal 1500 W Terra Limestone
Silicium H2O Horizontal 1000 W White Quartz
Silicium H2O Vertical 1200 W Dark Natura
Silicium H2O Horizontal 2500 W Light Natura
Silicium H2O Horizontal 1800 W Light Natura
Silicium H2O Horizontal 1500 W Light Natura
Silicium H2O Horizontal 1000 W Light Natura

Water radiators with silicon heat accumulation panels

The perfect combination: Dual-Kherr®+ Star Deutsch water steel panel.

Reduced consumption: Water heat acumulation together with Dual-Kherr® heat acumulation panel will maintain the room temperature for longer, reducing the boiler or heat pump working performance.

Increased comfort. Due to the additional Dual-Kherr® panel, H2O inertia radiators achieve a temperature more stable in the room. Temperature oscillations are avoided and consumption decreases.

  • High quality steel housing.
  • External DUAL-KHERR heat accumulation panel.
  • Modern design to fit in any ambient and decor.
  • Increase of radiation and thermal confort.
  • Decrease in boiler consumption.
  • Life time of heating installation is improved.
  • Compact size.
  • German water engineering.
Thermal Inertia
Control Silicium H2O Climastar

  • Valve is included in the steel panels.
  • 6 x 1/2" water connections.
  • Improved internal water flow and uniform heat.
  • Includes 3 x water connection caps.
  • Includes 1 air vent.
  • Includes all the required for wall installation.
  • Suitable for single pipe and double pipe installations.
Medidas Silicium H2O Square

DK11500 W14,21 kg
DK21750 W19,21 kg
DK22900 W21,60 kg
DK331300 W28,21 kg
Medidas Silicium H2O Horizontal

DK111000 W29,42 kg
DK211500 W39,43 kg
DK221800 W43,33 kg
DK332500 W57,43 kg
Medidas Silicium H2O Vertical

DK11850 W27,90 kg
DK211200 W36,85 kg
DK221500 W40,60 kg
DK332100 W43,25 kg
White Limestone
White Limestone finish
Terra Limestone
Terra Limestone finish
White Quartz
White Quartz finish
Light Natura
Light Natura finish
Dark Natura
Dark Natura finish
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