Silicium Optimus

Silicium Optimus Mobile 800/1600 W
Silicium Optimus
Silicium Optimus
Silicium Optimus Mobile 800/1600 W White Quartz
Silicium Optimus Mobile 800/1600 W White Quartz
Silicium Optimus Mobile 800/1600 W Dark Natura

It follows you, wherever you are

Individualized and mobile heating system with easy room temperature management.

Manufactured with double external Dual-Kherr silicon stone inertia panels to stabilize temperature and reduce consumption.

It includes the latest technology in energy restriction, a TRIAC based control management that reduces the flow of electricity consumption.

  • Easy to move and transport to any place.
  • Open window detector.
  • High accurate electronic thermostat based on TRIAC interface and PID technology.
  • Aluminium grip for safety transport.
  • External DUAL-KHERR heat accumulation panel.
Thermal Inertia
Control Silicium Optimus Climastar

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use electronic display.
  • Different available time options.
  • Replay mode. Working periods can be selected in intervals.
  • Delay mode. Working period can be delayed.
800/1600 W9,8 kg
White Limestone
White Limestone finish
Terra Limestone
Terra Limestone finish
White Quartz
White Quartz finish
Light Natura
Light Natura finish
Dark Natura
Dark Natura finish
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  • Product data sheet
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  • More assembly instructions

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