Silicium Hybrid Eco

Silicium Hybrid Eco
Silicium Hybrid Eco Horizontal 2800 W White Quartz
Silicium Hybrid Eco Horizontal 2800 W White Quartz
Silicium Hybrid Eco Horizontal 2800 W White Quartz
Silicium Hybrid Eco Horizontal 2800 W Dark Natura

Advanced hydronic heating

The perfect solution for all the hydronic heating systems based on low temperature water (heat pumps) or high temperature (boilers) water .

It increases the working performance and efficiency of traditional heating boilers by improving the temperature control in each room due to the Hybrid devices performance.

Quck room warming up: The air blow and the water flow will increase the room temperature just in few minutes. Noise is almost unnoticeable due to the steady and continuous performance of this device.

Perfect heat distribution. Additional radiation and thermal inertia will ensure very low running costs.

  • 2 optional compact sizes to adapt to any room space.
  • 3 working modes.
  • Decrease the consumption of any water heat generator.
  • Able to transfer heat with water temperature starting from 32 °C.
  • External DUAL-KHERR heat accumulation panel.
  • Slats can be oriented to improve air flow management.
Thermal Inertia
Control Silicium Hybrid Eco Climastar

  • Intuitive and easy to use electronic timer display.
  • 3 working modes: Static (heat exchanger as heat source by natural convection), Dynamic (with a cross-flow fan controlling the flow heat) and Adaptative (with additional radiant panel performance).
  • Fan speed is manually selected: Boost, Comfort or Eco mode.
  • Different available time options.
  • Replay mode. Working periods can be selected in intervals.
Medidas Silicium Hybrid Eco Square

1500 W20 kg
Medidas Silicium Hybrid Eco Horizontal

2800 W30 kg
White Limestone
White Limestone finish
Terra Limestone
Terra Limestone finish
White Quartz
White Quartz finish
Light Natura
Light Natura finish
Dark Natura
Dark Natura finish
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